Teragro is committed not only to providing cost effective alternatives to Nigerian fruit juice producers, but also to growing the Nigerian economy by finding productive uses for fruits and foods that would otherwise be wasted as a result of sub-optimal distribution and consumption. Strategic expansion is planned for the design, construction, and installation of our new production plant, which is estimated to be over five times the size of our existing facility. We are also in discussions with several state governments in Nigeria, forging collaborations for agribusiness ventures in rice, cassava, tomato, cocoa and palm oil production.

The Farmers Initiative

Since its inception, Teragro has prided itself on working with local farmers to include them in the production process. The benefits of this collaborative effort are twofold: farmers who register with Teragro are guaranteed a regular source of income, and our ties to the local farming community are strengthened. Through our work with the farmers, reports show that the amount of waste generated has been significantly reduced.

The Employment Initiative

Understanding that we have a responsibility to the local community, Teragro is committed to ensuring that a majority number of our workforce is employed from within the local area. We strive to ensure an even balance within our employees of both men and women.

At Teragro, investing in our people is just as important to us as our production processes.